{ALBUM} Beyonce – ‘Lemonade’

So.....we here at NocoasTMusic don't think that we should even write anything about this album as of right now. Let's do this, how about we take a deep listen, you take a listen, you and your friends should then take a listen, and after that -  let's meet back in about a week. Cool? Until then. Peace.   1. Pray You Catch Me // 2. Hold Up // 3. Don’t Hurt Yourself (Ft. Jack White) // 4. Sorry // 5. 6 Inch (Ft. The Weeknd) // 6. Daddy Lessons // 7. Love Dro...

Macklemore – ‘Need To Know’ featuring Chance The Rapper

Macklemore's "This Unruly Mess I've Made" is cool - 'Need To Know' featuring Chance The Rapper is better than good. Yeah, yeah...I know many of you are still mad (as we are) about "The Heist" beating out "good kid, m.A.A.d city" for Hip-Hop Album of the Year at the Grammy's but let's move on to a new Hip-Hop record that rocks. 'Need To Know' is rockin'. Yes, it's fresh. Check it. ♦

Casket D. – ‘Doughboy’s Cookout’ featuring Killa Kyleon

Casket D. aka Captain Casket [Yonkers, NY] is from the rap crew Money Green Bosses (Mentioned in Jadakiss's review for 'Jason') - he's not new to the rap game, check MTV or YouTube for his videos and songs. "Doughboy's Cookout" is laid-back in relation to the beat but the verses are spit-fire. The combination work with each very well. After you check this record make sure that you download and or stream 'The 80 Loafs LP' from your favorite service. "Doughboy never learned so Ricky paid the pr...

Akon – ‘Good Girls Lie’

Eh --- Akon's 'Good Girls Lie' sound like everything else out now but Akon has the resources to enlist one or two top artist on a remix. This record definitely needs a remix - a Flo Rida and Jeremih combined feature would take this from a blah single to a possible summer smash. Just saying. Atlantic Records shoot us a call - we've got the answers (Sway).