DarkFace Squatta – ‘Brand New’ / ‘I Do Drugs’

DarkFace Squatta - S.D.Y.G. (Some Day You'll Get It ) - hails from [Southern Illinois / Missouri] and just to be clear, DarkFace will get you turnt with no problem. No joke. Let's be clear again - DarkFace will get you TURNT with no problem! He displays all aspects of that on 'I Do Drugs'. "You're not a beast / I am a beast / You're not a goon / I am a goon / You're not a trappa / You just a rappa / I am the dope / I am the spoon". If you are not loose after this record is played you've got a pr...

Jazz – ‘Welcome To My World’

Who is Jazz? "Cold-blooded / That's how I've been feelin' lately". Jazz is a rapper from [Bronx, NY] who is inviting you to walk in his shoes for a bit. 'Welcome To My World' presents us with some of the trials and tribulations of Jazz. Check the track below and take a lQQk at the visual. After that, leave a comment to let us know what you think.

Astro – ‘K.I.N.G. (Keepin’ Ignorant N!*%as Glorified)’ featuring Bishop Neru

Astro better known to many as The Astronomical Kid drops 'K.I.N.G. (Keepin' Ignorant N!*%as Glorified)' This Hip-Hop socially conscious record is dope. The [Brooklyn] M.C. gets a little help from Bishop Neru on the track. Astro touches on a lot of what is going on in Hip-Hop right now as well how it got here. Check it.  

VIDEO: Calliko (The Good Fly Young) – ‘Unknown’

The Quad Cities (as well as every other place in the world) contains a plethora rappers who claim to be the "next" artist to put the area "on the map". But..let's be honest - we love honesty here @ NocoasTMusic - The Good Fly Young's Calliko has already done this for his area. Calliko [East Moline Illinois] is the only rapper in the area who is easily on everyone's TOP3 list - if he is not, then you Sir or Madam are a liar..or like Kanye said, "Hater n!ggas / marry hater b!tches / and have hater...

ALL SUMMER LONG: ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ | ‘Cheerleader’ (Remix)| ‘Classic Man’ (Remix) {Amended Versions}

These are the records that we will all remember when mentioning the SUMMER OF 2015.   The Weeknd - 'Can't Feel My Face' OMI - 'Cheerleader' (Remix) featuring Kid Ink Jidenna - 'Classic Man' (Remix) featuring T-Pain and Kendrick Lamar

Album: Dr. Dre – ‘Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre’

So......BOOM! Before we get into the musical value of the album let's first talk about giving back to your community. Sources say that all the royalties entitled to Dr. Dre himself are going to a fund to build a performing arts school in Compton. Let us say it for you. That's dope! This album has just about everything that you need to be happy as a Hip-Hoper (besides not having Jay Z and Kanye - Dre, remix 'Talk About It' with both please). There are crazy beats, crisp production, and many featu...

Album: Raekwon – ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’ (20th Anniversary)

20 years later we are writing about a Hip-Hop classic. Raekwon's 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx'. Ask any Hip-Hop head in the entire world and this album will pop up on their Top15 greatest Hip-Hop albums of all time. Coming off of WU-Tang's '36 Chambers' success, 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' continued the WU's Hip-Hop domination in 1995. This album, heavily anchored by Ghostface Killah is still so mean. The lyrics, neck-snapping beats, and total direction of Raekwon's first album is so damn sexy. Check ...