Music is ‘Dope’.

Hello again world, We at NocoasTMusic took a brief hiatus recently; for exactly 11 days. Why 11 days? I don't know - that amount of time felt right. Did you miss us? We hope that you did. The regular fans and visitors of the site emailed us (  - the basic question was, "What's going on with the posts?" Sorry if we gave you a quick panic. BUT, just to let you know it will probably happen again. I love random disappearing acts myself. People love to wonder what i...

VIDEO: MEANT2B – ‘No Ring’

There are so many new groups and artists that pop up every week. Many of them fade away and disappear in night or exactly when the fog thickens. MEANT2B [Oklahoma City, OK] has been grindin' and scratchin' their way to stardom for a few years now - we in the music industry know that this is normal because that "overnight success" that people think happens is so far from correct. Determination and continuous innovation will keep you relevant in this music game. If you have heard and/or seen any M...

VIDEO: Slim Pickens – ‘Puttin’ In Work’

Many of you first heard Slim Pickens here at NocoasTMusic when we did a quick write up for his song 'Fresh Pair of Kicks' three months ago. Slim Pickens [DesMoines, Iowa] has released another track called 'Puttin' In Work'. This time he also shot a high quality visual (Directed by Troy Brooks) for his latest effort. 'Puttin' In Work' continues to showcase Slim Pickens' rap skills to ride a beat and represent Iowa at the same time with respect. ♦  

VIDEO: Adele – ‘Hello’

Adele is back with another powerful vocal representation continuing the numeric opus that was started a few years ago in 2008 with her '19' album. Adele's 'Hello' is the amazing lead single from the upcoming '25' album. The sad song mixed with the soft lighting in the video sets the mood of the visual perfectly. Get lost in the song and enjoy the emotional ride the video takes you through with the help the acting help of Mack Wilds. ♦

VIDEO: Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’

Dear Drake, Please continue do whatever you want to in your life. It's funny how people can love you, then ridicule you or hate you the next moment. Yes, your dance moves are highly suspect...highly suspect. It's funny how people forgot that you burned that boy Meek Mill on fire this summer. Believe it or not, please believe it; we don't buy your albums or anyone else's album for their dances moves - Sorry Ciara. I was once a Drake hater. Damn, I was a major Drake hater until I heard '...

D.J. Khaled – ‘You Mine’ featuring Trey Songz | Future | Jeremih

Another one...What do you get when you place the hottest D.J. in the business with the reigning king of r&b, the hottest rapper currently, and a pop/r&b singer with hit songs and features from 2015? D.J. Khaled's 'You Mine' is that record. This r&b track features Trey Songz, Future, and Jeremih. The combination of musical phenoms of this caliber all on one track hasn't been tried in a while. It also hasn't worked in a while. Lee on the Beats & D.J. Khaled produced the song. Khale...

Miguel – ‘Simple Things’ (REMIX) featuring Chris Brown | Future

What can we say about 'Simple Things' (Remix) by Miguel. We like it. We like it because we liked the original too. The features from Chris Brown and Future will push the envelope for more radio spins as well as maybe grab a few more fans of Chris Brown's and Future's. We get it. But is it needed?

Mixtape: Trifecta A.E.N. Presents.. Flap Jacks & Classics “The Mix Tape” Feat. Chris Jones , Mixed By Dj Episode

2014 is well over as we get ready for 2016 soon; did we miss this tape? 'Trifecta A.E.N. Presents.. Flap Jacks & Classics "The Mix Tape" Feat. Chris Jones' is a crazy sweet hour and three minute Hip-Hop experience. With the mixing and creative assistance from D.J. Episode, Chris Jones maneuvers through classic rap records (also including some of the original records on the tape) while slaying and cutting each track up with his tongue. Chris Jones [DesMoines, Iowa], Trifecta A.E.N., ...